Thursday, 10 December 2015


I learned lots because our teacher is wonderful every day and every day she teaches us lots of  cool work.she tales us off. What I don't like is when someone is mean to me and I don't like when people a hitting me and haveing  frights with  me I Don't like how I felt I feel angry that's when someone being mean to me. I feel sad when I am hit by a big kid like a year 8 or 7 and 6. What was interesting was going kiwi sports.what was good was haveing a lovely teacher miss king I will miss next year. How I make people happy by picking them up .

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Soccer day

Last Thursday we went to football and we had to warm up .The first game we was played Cowboys and  Indians. we can't use our hands and you had to passing when you’re playing Soccer. Our coach was Jimmy. he told us What to do and we all had to do it .I felt at happy and Some  times  I get angry because they kick me out.I feel sad some times some.Some  times they Let me join back in the game.I feel happy when i can join the game.