Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Qwanelle Myth/ Legend Chooser


Myth/ Legend I have chosen

Retelling of Myth/ Legend into my own words

Characters to include

Maui and the giant fish

Maui and the giant fish

Maui was saleing on the acros the iland.He throhgh his fish hock then he waited and watied and watied until something grabed it and then maui satrted to pull and pull until it rised on to the sea  and it become our iland.

Our iland. The end.

Setting I will create

The sea and a boat with maui  on it .

How does this myth/legend link to the environment?

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  1. Well done for choosing the myth that you will animate this term Qwanelle. I look forward to seeing you drawings about Maui and the Giant Fish!