Wednesday, 22 February 2017

the race.

Walt:the race

The intro. Have you raced with socks befor?

Body 1.  Mr Goodwin told us line up but i didn’t know what we were doing i fort that we were doing our work. But then Mr Goodwin told us to go and line up outside on the porch. Then Mr Goodwin  took us to the field in my head i said what are we doing here.

Body 2. Then Mr Goodwin told us the instructions then i said  i get it. The instructions  were that we line up in touch with the goal poos. Then this part that Mr Goodwin told us to run and said in my head ha and i can’t run .

Body3.  Then Mr Goodwin told us to run. Then i ran so fast that i almost fall over. Then i jug back to the other goal post. Then we had to set down on the dry grass.

At the the end Mr Goodwin split us into groups then he sent us to the tap. When Mr Goodwin said when you finish come and lineup again.  Then  we had to walk back to class. Then we had to write about it.

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